Boys ages 12 and older and girls ages 14 and older receive eligibility to participate in all NJGT events. Boys ages 7-11 and girls 7-13 receive eligibility to participate in regular NJGT events as well as TEAM GOLF events if they are on a NJGT TEAM GOLF team. Boys 12-13 also eligible for TEAM GOLF but must remain in the Boys 12-13 division in regular NJGT events. All members have access to the benefits below and NJGT community events such as open houses, college golf nights and more.

This 2017 season all NJGT Registrants received the following benefits:

  • 2017 Gifts from Sponsors
  • Subscription to the NJGT Electronic Newsletter
  • NJGT Bag Tag
  • NJGT Gift
  • 2016-2017 USGA Rules of Golf App


  • Eligibility for FORE! Membership
  • Consideration for the NJGT Tour Championships and Player of the Year Awards
  • Nebraska Golf Association Membership which includes a USGA Handicap Index as well as subscriptions to both Nebraska Golfer magazine and the NGA E-newsletter (24 editions) and eligibility to compete in NGA competitions.


  • Additional benefits announced throughout the year and soon to come!

A golfer's age on July 1st determines their age group of competition for the entire summer and their applicable membership classification. For up to date information on the 2017 season please contact Seth Scollard, PGA at (402) 730-8364.