Youth Safety


Nebraska Junior Golf  puts the safety and well-being of our young athletes first and foremost. Every event you send your golfer to will have an NJGT Site Director or NJG Staff Member. All Site Directors & Staff have passed the PGA Youth Safety Program and will be wearing these credentials and lanyards along with NJG apparel. Please teach your young athletes to look for adults with these credentials with questions, concerns or for assistance.


NJG Spectator Policies


Nebraska Junior Golf  loves and encourages spectators! However, to ensure safety and an enjoyable experience for all, we require all spectators to follow set guidelines. Each spectator attends an NJG event at their own risk. These guidelines should be followed throughout the entire tournament and will be enforced for the welfare of all in attendance:

  • Stay even or in front of the group you are following
    • Staying behind the group doesn't allow the golfers behind to play up and puts you at risk of getting hit by the group behind
    • Staying ahead of the group can help pace of play as you aid in golf ball searches
    • Observe golf from the rough (not fairways and greens)
  • Caddies are not allowed during NJGT stroke play events
    • At no time during the event shall advice be given to a competitor during a tournament round under Rule 8 of the USGA/R&A Rules of Golf
    • Encouragement well received!
    • Spectators can carry medicine, umbrellas, jackets, water, towels and food for the young athletes
      • Can not carry golf bag
  • Spectators must wear appropriate attire. Please be aware of and adhere to the host facility's dress code
  • Please turn all cell phones to silent or vibrate and take all calls in an area that will not disturb the athletes
  • If you would like to rent a golf car you may do so if they are available at the golf course
    • Rates typically $10 for 9-holes & $15 for 18-holes but may vary by facility
    • Golf cars are on a first-come, first-serve basis


TEAM GOLF Spectator Policies


TEAM GOLF Presented by Five Points Bank is a spectator sports and we love having you out there! We want to create a family friendly atmosphere that encourages fun and togetherness. However, the NJG requires all spectators to conduct themselves appropriately at all times. Please follow all NJG Spectator Policies above with the exception of the caddy rule which is highlighted below.

  • Caddies are permitted in TEAM GOLF
    • Caddies must follow proper dress attire as set by the golf course. Please consult the golf course with any questions and use your best judgment
    • The use of smoking or chewing tobacco products and alcohol by caddies is not permitted
    • Caddies may only give advice to their team. Advice to other team is not allowed
      • You may help other teams with golf car rides to/from starting hole and in the search of golf balls