Regular Events

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The NJGT annually provides over 40 regular tour stops each summer. These regular events are individual stroke play competitions with various age and gender divisions. All tour registrants are eligible to compete in these events. Regular events received performance points based on finish at each event which allowed them to qualify for the division's NJGT Championship. Divisions are as follows:



Age Gender Fee Number of Holes
7-8 Male $20 Nine Holes (Varying Lengths)
7-8 Female $20 Nine Holes (Varying Lengths)
9-11 Male $20 Nine Holes (Regulation Length)
9-11 Female $20 Nine Holes (Regulation Length)
12-13 Male $40 Eighteen Holes (Regulation Length)
12-13 Female $20 Nine Holes (Regulation Length)
14-15 Male $40 Eighteen Holes (Regulation Length)
14-15 Female $40 Eighteen Holes (Regulation Length)
16+ Male $40 Eighteen Holes (Regulation Length)
16+ Female $40 Eighteen Holes (Regulation Length)